The Indeterminate Geometry of Wandering

June 10 – October 2, 2021

Exhibition September 10-25

The Indeterminate Geometry of Wandering was the culmination of a four-month residency through Drawing Room at Attic 506 in Carrboro, North Carolina, during the summer of 2021. Through an intense exploration and deconstruction of the grid, I transformed the room into a sacred space for reflection, exploration, and conversation, with original music composition and narration. The work was an examination and record of a daily walking ritual–by the tenth of September, I had walked for eighteen months without missing a day, around 4400 miles of a daily, wandering walk that averaged eight miles. Each Saturday during the residency and slow, continuous transformation of the space, I opened the studio to the public. Many visitors, artists and non-artists, came into the space to talk about what I was doing and to draw in grids with me, one square at a time. See the video below for a slideshow and narration of the process with some of the 20-minute musical piece featured.

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