About Me

Jason Lord

Interdisciplinary Artist


I find and illuminate points of connection between systems, people, objects, and ideas. Often, I create interfaces between multiple, sometimes disparate, concepts using an interdisciplinary approach:  a sound collage that explores geography, language, and simultaneity; a sculptural installation that introduces a new iconography resulting from an investigation into religion, aesthetic walking, and found objects; or a room transformed into a learning space in which people can explore questions about the relationships between the subconscious mind, mapping, and music.   At the core of my inquiry-based practice are a commitment to errantry–the intentional practice of wandering–and an obsession with unfixability and ephemerality, in the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual worlds.

Walking as an aesthetic practice has become fundamental to how I interact with, conceive of, and understand the world. I walk seven or eight miles a day on average, and on December 4th, 2022, I reached 1000 consecutive days and close to 7500 miles of daily walking.

In August 2022, I started the MFA program in Studio Art at the University of North Carolina–Greensboro.



See much more of my work at the Instagram link below.

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