About Me

Jason Lord

Interdisciplinary Artist and Arts Educator


I live in Durham, NC, where I make art, tinker with things, and collect roadside debris. I started walking in the spring of 2020 and haven’t stopped. Walking as an aesthetic practice has become fundamental to my interdisciplinary art practice. I walk almost eight miles a day on average, and on March 10, 2022, I had my two-year anniversary of walking at least five miles every day, rain or shine, for 731 consecutive days–two years–and around 5600 miles.

I studied writing, music, and theater in the mid-nineties at Middlebury College before moving to Chapel Hill, NC, where I cobbled together the rent with theatrical set design gigs, session work as a vocalist, coffee-slinging, cooking, and stage performances. In 1997, I started teaching music at area schools and pre-schools, and in 2000 I began a twenty-year stint developing, implementing, and teaching in middle school integrated arts programs at two progressive middle schools in Durham, NC.



See much more of my work at the Instagram link below.

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